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Networking is one of the main reasons businesses join the Battlefords Chamber of Commerce.  The Chamber provides many opportunities for its members to meet face-to-face and handshake-to-handshake at friendly and productive networking events within the communities.  By taking advantage of this benefit, you will meet and build long lasting relationships with some of Battleford's most dynamic business personalities.


Through the Chamber network you are able to market yourself and your company to the business community bringing value to your business through relationships you create. In addition, by meeting colleagues, you learn through the sharing of ideas and skills to promote growth and sustained success.


2017 - Chamber on Tap - 5 events held throughout the year



February - Guest Speakers - 2018 Saskatchewan Winter Games Committee







April - Guest Speakers - Daniel Johnson, CEO / Tim Sletten - Chief Wealth Officer

Innovation Credit Union 




2017 - 4th Annual Chamber Business Golf Challenge







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The Battleford's Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to working with businesses (large and small) to create and promote growth within our communities.  Regular events and meetings through the Chamber provide opportunities for networking, business development and community improvement.


The Directors of the Chamber's Board are a diverse group of individuals who are leaders in the community.  They share ideas, provide awareness and expand the interests of our members.  When differences arise, the Directors view these as opportunities to enhance, build, and make the Battlefords a better place to live, work and play.


Members of the Battleford's Chamber of Commerce, voice their concerns and together we become a force.  The Chamber serves as a valuable connection between business and government to ensure that the opinions and suggestions are heard at all levels of government.  We are also a liaison, serving as an important resource and referral centre to the Battlefords.


Since 1906, the Battlefords have been fortunate to have a Chamber of Commerce whose volunteer presidents and directors provide their time, energy and talents to ensure the well-being of the business community as well as the community at large.


Contact the Chamber at (306) 445-6226 or