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Benefits of Membership 


What are the benefits of joining the Battlefords Chamber of Commerce?

Chamber membership delivers a comprehensive benefits package offering member discounts, business referrals plus networking opportunities.


Promotional Opportunities:  The Battlefords Chamber offers a variety of effective opportunities to connect your business to the community residents and business leaders.


Business Contacts:  Through the many Battlefords Chamber activities and programs, you will have an opportunity to meet potential customers and clients.


Business Referrals:  The Chamber office receives a large volume of calls and visitors requesting goods and services in our communities - we refer them to our Chamber Members.


Business Seminars / Workshops:  The Chamber offers programs directed towards business development as well as personal growth as a business leader.


Sponsorship Opportunities:  Get involved in the Battlefords activities.  Let business and government leaders know who you are and show them you support the community!


Committees:  The Battlefords Chamber of Commerce offers numerous opportunities for you and your business to make a difference in our local communities!  Join one of our committees and share your ideas and growth incentives to make the Battlefords a better place to live, work and play!


Business Directory:  Your business will be listed in the Chamber's Business Directory which is on the Battleford's Chamber of Commerce website.  Just recently we have included more details providing you with more coverage about your business.


Take advantage of the Power of Membership today!


The Battlefords Chamber of Commerce leads and services the business community providing the means, resources and opportunities for you to successfully meet your needs, build viable and strong relationships, and participate in activities and functions to ensure your long-term growth and sustainability.



Education on a wide range of leadership, business skills and competencies to support your day-to-day operations.

Knowledge and information that is exchanged amongst the business community to assist you in solving your business concerns and enhance your long-term sustainability.

Learn from the sharing of ideas and skills and applying them to your business situations to promote growth and success.



Opportunities are available for promoting your business to Chamber Members such as; online business directory, newsletter, Special events (award dinners / Chamber luncheons / etc), and much more!  We currently are working at adding more opportunities for the future, so stay tuned!


INFLUENCE!  Voice of business, Voice to Government

The Battlefords Chamber of Commerce members represent a lobbying power far greater than any one business can have on its own.  Through it's affiliation with the Saskatchewan and Canadian Chambers, the Battlefords Chamber lobbies on behalf of its members to government at the municipal, provincial and federal levels.

Opportunties to meet with both business and government representatives.



One of the greatest services any Chamber of Commerce can provide is the opportunity for its members and guests to meet in person at friendly, productive networking events.

Meet and build long term relationships with some of the Battleford's most dynamic business personalities.

Market yourself and your company to the business community around you.  Add value to your business through relationship building.

Learn from the sharing of ideas and skills that apply to your business situation to promote growth and sustained success.



You can protect your investment in the Battlefords Chamber of Commerce by referring non-members on a casual basis.  New members are always welcome and provide new ideas and success to any organization.

Strength in Numbers:  The more members we have, the greater the purchasing power in negotiating member-only discounts.  Large numbers of members also create more business leads and networking opportunities.

Knowledge is Power:  The more knowledge and expertise we have in our organization, the more effective we can be in sharing amongst ourselves and representing the interests of business at all levels of government.


You Are Only One Step Away From Becoming A Member!