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2017 President Warren Williams (Account Manager with Bralin Technology Solutions) (left) receives congratulations from outgoing President Jay Bottomley.



(exerpt from battlefordsNOW - February 1, 2017) 


Meet Chamber of Commerce President Warren Williams -


The newest Chamber of Commerce president will have to juggle his new work load with an already busy life. 


Warren Williams recently became president of the business organization, which he will work in with his full-time job as senior account manager of Bralin Technology Solutions, duties as president of the Battlefords Rotary Club and his family life with wife Cindy and 13 year old son Dakota.


Williams said he made the choice to take on the job while he's still healthy, active and financially able to, spend his free time serving the community.


"My sense of duty towards community service is first and foremost and only second to my duty to my family," Williams said. "There's good and positive things that members of the chamber do to make our community a better place to live, work.  Ultimately, I think, the goal of many of us is to raise our families.  That's the ultimate goal, right, to make this a productive , healthy place to live".


While the work load initially concerned him, Williams said worrying just makes things worse, and decided to take a different look at things.


"I'm over being terrified at the prospect of it and just getting down to the day to day work of it" he said.


Delegation and relying on people's strength is something he said he uses in his work at the Rotary club, something he'll bring to the table at the Chamber of Commerce.


"We have an amazing staff. We have a great, diverse, and talented board of directors from all walks of life representing a myriad of businesses in the community," he said.  "They're not all lawyers, they're not all accountants.  They come from all walks of life representing different businesses.  My plan is to use their talents and passions to make things happen."


Outside of his busy professional life, Williams said he enjoys the simpler things, like camping with his family, watching his son play hockey, and golfing; although, he isn't sure golf will make into this busy schedule this year.